Areas of Expertise

Holistic Counseling to Diverse Faiths and Cultures

I have five years of direct client experience in providing individual and group therapy. I am a skilled and empathic listener, and for the time we are together, you have my undivided attention.


My interest, education and personal involvement with a variety of faiths and cultures has led to my culturally sensitive work. I honor my clients' beliefs as we collaborate to heal the mind, body, and spirit.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT can help us become more aware of our faulty thoughts (cognitive distortions), emotions, and behaviors so that we can live more openly and adaptively. I use it to help my clients create a more intentional relationship between what they desire and what they do. CBT is most commonly used with depression, anxiety disorders, panic and obsessive thoughts.  CBT is the cornerstone of my group work. 

Recently I completed training at Indiana University in Cognitive Processing (CP), which uses the socratic method to process traumatic events and "stuck thinking" patterns. 

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

To get to the root cause of long-held patterns and beliefs, we must dig deep.  My training in depth-work and psychodynamic approaches helps me understand how the impacts of childhood relationships and experiences shape my clients' reality and current relationship concerns. Psychotherapy is not a quick-fix and requires long-term commitment to untying the knots of our beliefs, defenses, and attachment patterns.

Group Therapy

I strongly believe in the benefits of feeling heard, understood and supported by a group.  That's why I offer group therapy in addition to individual therapy. Although a group setting may sound intimidating at first, I go to great lengths to create a safe/ non-judgmental environment for sharing to occur. 

The next 10-week program is starting soon!  Tame Your Thoughts is a program designed to reduce your worry, anxiety and depression by understanding and managing your thoughts. Check out the flyer below and contact me today.

My Approach

My therapeutic approach is relaxed, collaborative and integrative. Not only has my professional training prepared me to work with you, but life has offered countless experiences that I use to understand your challenges. 

I blend a variety of evidence-based approaches to customize treatment plans for my clients.  My therapeutic approach is always rooted in the psychodynamic framework. But I weave in CP, CBT, ACT, and EMDR as the need arises.


Mindfulness also informs my work and I often educate my clients about the benefits of mindfulness in reducing stress and anxiety. 

My Education and Expertise

I received my Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Christian Theological Seminary, graduated Summa Cum Laude and received the Pastoral Theology and Psychology Achievement Award. I also completed my two-year internship at the Christian Theological Counseling Center. 

Since my foundational training is in psychodynamic theory and techniques, I work from the object relations/ attachment theory perspective. To support my depth work, I seek continuous education/ consultation/ supervision specific to these theories. I am also a current member of ISPT (Indiana Society of Psychoanalytic Thought) and ICA (Indiana Counseling Association).

EMDR: I received my Level 2 EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) training in 2018, have used it successfully for over a year and am currently seeking EMDR certification.  This technique is best suited for stuck memories and negative beliefs that prevent adaptive thinking. Although it is often used in trauma work, trauma is not a necessary ingredient for this tool to be effective in changing thoughts/ behaviors.  

For more information on EMDR, please follow this link to the EMDRIA website:

What to Expect and Fee Structure

Good outcomes are the result of a good therapeutic fit. During the first three sessions we will get to know one another and determine if we have a good "fit" to accomplish your goals. I typically see clients weekly or two times per week because I find this consistency to be most beneficial for my clients. It's important to relax into therapy, understanding that progress will not be visible immediately and having patience with the process. I view therapy as a rewarding commitment and investment in the Self.

At this time I do not take insurance/Medicaid/Medicare but I do take HSA. This allows my clients the most flexibility in managing their mental health, without constraints dictated by insurance company policies. But I don't believe mental health care should be cost-prohibitive, so I set my fee at $90 per hourly session (50 minutes).

The first session (intake) is 50 minutes at a rate of $120.

EMDR processing session fees: 50min=$90, 80min=$130.